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Nautical Oversize Beach Towels

We know you will be knocked out by this collection of dense weave, super soft, over size, 100% cotton beach towels. 

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Sun Bear Sunscreen

A seriously protective sunscreen that gives you the best possible protection and SPF 50+ rating, while also being good for the planet.  

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Brilliant Turkish Towels

Beautiful, brightly coloured hybrid pestemal towels, featuring smooth Turkish towel weave on one side and fluffy terry on the other.

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Our Commitment to Quality


Unique | Superior | Luxury

At Binalong Beach & CO we specialise in creating the highest quality, luxe beach towels.  Our cabana towels are designed in our Hobart studio, focusing on uniqueness, value and a touch of quirkiness.   

Unlike bath towels, beach towels are designed to be seen.  They convey their owner's personality, sense of adventure and style.  These classic striped cabana towels are reminiscent of a day sailing to Wineglass Bay. 

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Our towels are amazing. Why?

Yarn: Our towels are made using rungspun yarn that is softer and finer than yarn used in standard beach towels

Weave: They are woven into the very best quality terry with a tight, firm underweave, and very close loops

Weight: GSM -This stands for grams per square metre and indicates the weight of the towel. The higher the GSM, the heavier the weight and the more absorbent the towel will be.  Our towels are 100% cotton, and a luxurious 630 GSM weight.  Most beach towels by the major surf and hospitality brands are a cotton blend with 400 to 500 GSM. 

Durable: Our towels are more durable than standard beach towels due to their higher quality construction

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