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  • Yes, You Too Can Learn To Love Frigid Swimming

    If you’re planning a trip to explore the stunning remote beaches throughout Tasmania, some advance planning to prepare for cool ocean waters is recommended!   

  • I Love A Good Beach Tote

    This summer you're going to want to hit the beach in style, with an oversize tote that fits your towel, sunscreen, hat and water. We're crushing on several at the moment, read on for more.
  • Its a Hybrid Towel!

    Introducing our unique hybrid pestemal towel, featuring terry loop on one side and smooth, turkish weave on the other.
  • The Beginners Guide to Travelling Tasmania - Orford

    It might be the smallest state in Australia, but what it lacks in size, Tasmania more than makes up for in fresh paddock to plate offerings, inter...
  • Tasmania - What to Pack

    With its spectacular scenery and wild, unpredictable weather, packing for a trip to Tasmania requires a bit of careful planning
  • Hobart Twilight Market- Friday Event

    What a fabulous evening last night, at the Hobart Twilight Market, surrounded by live entertainment, local producers, amazing craft brews and wines....  complete with beautiful sea breezes!  Thank you to everyone who visited our stall.  It wouldn't have been a success without you. 
  • Headed for the beach shack? Don't forget Sangria!

    Sangria is a beautiful Spanish punch that traditionally consists of red wine and chopped fruit. 
  • Shipstern Bluff - not for the faint of heart

    Shipstern Bluff, the renowned Tasmanian surfing spot, adds a new chapter to its history when Matt Bevilacqua becomes the first to paddleboard its tremendous waves
  • What the heck is a beach towel, anyway?

    A towel is a towel is a towel, right?  In fact, there are several traits that distinguish a beach towel from a bath towel.  Possibly a small detail...
  • Beach Bonfires - The Experience

     Its hard to imagine a more epic evening than enjoying a bonfire on the beach with a group of friends while watching the sunset.  Although light...
  • What is it about the beach that draws us?

    Its human nature to be drawn to the water.  Universally across cultures, geography and traditions, the bulk of humanity tends to live near large bodies of water. People vacation at beaches and spend leisure time fishing in lakes or rivers.  There is nothing more delightful than watching children's inability to pass a puddle without splashing and stomping in it.  

    Entire industries have developed around water-based recreational pursuits in every country of the world.  It must be part of our genetic make up to find water attractive and even mesmerizing.

    Exposing your skin to the sun actually signals the body to secrete endorphins. This means decreased stress and a shift in your brain toward relaxation.  Scientists have shown that floating in water results in increased blood flow toward your heart, delivering additional oxygen to the brain.  As a consequence, you'll likely experience improved alertness and heightened stamina.   Now let's talk sound.  I'm sure you've experienced how the human psyche finds the sound of waves soothing.  This has the effect of changing patterns in your brain, also steering it towards relaxation.

    So.... don't resist those urges to shake off your responsibilities for a few hours by the seaside or lake.  Embrace it - after all, its human nature!