About Us and Our Towels

At Binalong Beach & CO we specialise in creating the highest quality, luxe beach towels. Our products are designed to accompany you on the quest to experience ocean life. 


We are a local Tasmanian business, and we strive to be an ambassador for our beautiful island lifestyle and pristine beaches. Our products are designed in our Hobart studio, focusing on uniqueness, value and a touch of quirkiness. To us, quality is consummate.  You can literally feel the difference between this resort quality towel and an average, mass produced generic brand towel.

Our towels are amazing. Why? 

  • Yarn: Our towels are made using rungspun yarn that is softer and finer than yarn used in standard beach towels
  • Weave: They are woven into the very best quality terry with a tight, firm underweave, and very close loops
  • Weight: Our towels are 100% cotton, and a luxurious 630 GSM weight.   Most beach towels by the major surf and hospitality brands are a cotton blend with 400 to 500 GSM. 
  • Durable: Our towels are more durable than standard beach towels due to their higher quality construction


Our Founder  

Before founding Binalong Beach & CO, MaryAnn worked a world away from beaches in corporate IT project management.  No stranger to the coastal lifestyle however, MaryAnn has travelled the world and swum at beaches from Copacabana (Brazil) to Malibu (USA), Punta del Este (Uruguay) to Tioman Island (Malaysia), Nantucket (USA) to Bahia Inglesa (Chile), Durban South Beach (South Africa) to Capri (Italy), Stroomi Beach (Estonia) to Palawan Beach (Singapore), Sestroretsk (Russia) to the Galapagos Islands (Ecuador) ...and hundreds more in between.

In 2017, she decided to turn her love of the beach lifestyle into a customer-focused business where summer never ends.  Binalong Beach & CO combines MaryAnn’s passion for craftsmanship, beautiful design and thoughtful details, with her love of Tasmania.

From holiday escape accessories, to tourist gifts, to corporate gifts and more, let our friendly team know how we can help make your shopping experience a spectacular one. We are here to serve you.

Contact us at sales@binalongbeach.com.au to ask any questions, big or small!



    • Freycinet Lodge: Hey! We are so thrilled the Coastal Pavilions of Freycinet Lodge have been announced as international finalist in the World Architecture Festival awards....  and our Binalong Beach & CO nautical striped beach towels are in each Coastal Pavilion for guest use.