Beach Bonfires - The Experience

Beach Bonfires - The Experience

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Its hard to imagine a more epic evening than enjoying a bonfire on the beach with a group of friends while watching the sunset.  Although lighting a bonfire is outlawed on several Tasmanian beaches, these locations permit fires when state-wide fires bans are not in place:

Satellite Island: this little gem is a private Tasmanian island. It is bookable and can be reached in style by helicopter,  luxury chartered yacht or your own private vessel.  Light a fire on the pebble beach and enjoy the sunset with a glass of Tasmanian wine and some freshly shucked wild oysters.  For more information check their URL: a bedroom with a bed and a fireplace

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Boat Harbour: located in the North West of Tasmania this was voted one of the top 10 beaches in Australia. Known for its sugar-white sand, beautiful clear waters and relative lack people, its still possible to feel a sense of solitude during a walk on the beach. Keep an eye out for dolphins, seals and whales that occasionally enter the bay area.

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Redbill: Home to fairy penguins and stunning views of Diamond Island, this large expanse is the main surf beach in the Bicheno area on Tasmania's East Coast. 

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Tasmania's remote, pristine beaches are a beautiful slice of coastal heaven.  Come enjoy all on offer with your family and friend!

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