Its a Hybrid Towel!

Soft fluffy terry on one side and smooth absorbent pestemal weave on the other

What is a turkish towel?  Peshtemals have been used for centuries in Anatolian steam baths.

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Sometimes called Peshtemal, Hammam or Fouta towels, these are traditional cotton or linen highly absorbent, lightweight towels.  In spite of their high absorbency, these towels dry out much more quickly than terry loop towels. They're so much less prone to mildew too.


a row of wooden fence

Ss far as washing these pestemal towels, in our house we just throw them in a wash cycle and then the dryer on low-medium heat. Its super easy!  You'll see over time, they just get better and softer with each wash.


a close up of a towel

Try out a colourful Binalong Beach & CO pestemal towel, hand loomed in Turkey on artisan looms.  Ours are unique with terry loop on one side and smooth on the other. The best of both worlds! 

 a close up of a rug a close up of a towel a close up of a rug


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