Tasmania - What to Pack

Tasmania - What to Pack

Planning a trip to Tasmania?  Here are the recommended essentials:

From thrilling airwalk adventures and scenic bushwalks, to magical remote beaches and a smorgasbord of cuisines and spirits…it’s no secret why Tasmania is quickly becoming Australia's most popular tourist destination. 

But, with a widely varied climate and so much to see and do, packing for a Tasmanian getaway can be a daunting task for travellers. What do you bring when you can kayak a wave, relax on the beach, trek to the summit of a magnificent peak and finally indulge in a fresh, locally sourced meal paired with a renowned Tasmanian pinot noir.... all in one day? (You won't regret sampling a luscious Spring Vale pinot noir, for a start)

Spring Vale bottle of red wine

Here we’ve compiled a list of essentials that you won’t want to head to Tasmania without, whether you’re looking forward to active days in the sun, or if your idea of exercise is lounging in a hammock by the sea, sipping on award winning local whisky. These items will serve you well, as you move from beach to bush to pub without breaking a sweat.

WETSUIT because Tasmanian beaches are so pristine and beautiful, its impossible to resist the urge to dive into the crystal clear blue waters. It only takes one go, before you come to the realisation that the sea is stunningly frigid!  If you really want to take advantage of our magical beach lifestyle, come prepared.

WARM JACKET  Tasmanian weather is completely unpredictable. Due to the varying climate, no matter when you come to Tasmania, bring a warm jacket and a raincoat.

LIGHTWEIGHT HIKING BOOKS to help make your outdoor adventures safer and more comfortable, particularly on rough terrain.  Wineglass Bay is an unforgettable bush walk, but you'll enjoy the trek more with comfortable footgear.

BATHERS, and ideally yours will be sun protected with an UPF 50+ rating.  During December and January the UV rating over Tasmania will be 11 or more most days, which is "extreme" according to the UV index.

BACKPACK or CATCH-ALL TOTE BAG that will fit your beach gear, sunscreen and other travel essentials.  I'm partial to durable canvas or roughly spun cotton with a fringed finish for the perfect laid-back island feel.

tote bags

SHORTS and TEESHIRTS to bush walk, stroll or shop in.  Tasmanians are a idiosyncratic, casual bunch in terms of style, with a "bush hippie" vibe like no other Australian city.  Casual is the norm, whether BBQing at the beach, dropping into a trendy, upscale eatery or in winter, rugging up for Dark Mofo.

BINALONG BEACH & CO TOWEL for the beach, lake or river, featuring vibrant colours with a classic cabana strip style.  These locally designed towels are super absorbent and have a dense cotton weave that repels sand better than cheaper, mass produced alternatives. 

Two girls wrapped in beach towels looking at the ocean

 We look forward to sharing our magical isle with you!

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