The Beginners Guide to Travelling Tasmania - Orford

The Beginners Guide to Travelling Tasmania - Orford

It might be the smallest state in Australia, but what it lacks in size, Tasmania more than makes up for in fresh paddock to plate offerings, interesting locals, breathtaking scenery and pristine remote beaches.

We hope this will help your Tassie adventure planning.  The island state's raw, untouched beauty will take you by surprise. 

Orford is the closest to Hobart of the East Coast holiday towns, and sits just at the mouth of the Prosser River.  Its location and amenities make this lovely locale a wonderful base for exploring Maria Island National Park, as well as the marine reserve around it.  In summer, the holiday town is really fills up with an influx of Tasmanian shack owners, who relax on the white sandy beaches. Keen fishermen head for the legendary fishing spots off the jetties in Prosser Bay, hoping for a tasty dinner of flathead or bream.  This town is also a restIing point for travellers wanting to stop at one of the eateries, such as Scorchers and the Wattlebanks Coastal Cafe, or to stretch their legs and admire the Maria Island views, en route to other holiday destinations further up Tasmania's East Coast.

If you prefer to plant yourself in one of the many luxurious holiday homes and focus on Orford, there are loads of ways to enjoy your time.  The town has a library, post office, supermarket, several cafes, temperate dive sites, scenic walks, lovely beaches and excellent sea and river fishing.  The little ones might prefer Millingtons Beach, just over the dunes from a newly renovated playground, located closest to town. The water is calm and don't get me started on the vie

In general, Orford's local beaches are all either a walk or short bicycle ride from town. Just down from Millingtons Beach is Shelly Beach, where many of the newer, luxurious holiday shacks have started popping up. 


Spring Beach offers the bigger surf and is linked to Shelley beach by a 2 km coastal walk.  It makes for some lovely meandering along a bluff where walkers can take in the ocean scenery and pass through an old sandstone quarry.

towel on a fence overlooking the beach

Over the years our family has banked so many memories of salty, sandy summer days spent at Orford, lazing on the beach, cycling to a friend's shack for a BBQ, picking blackberries on the coastal walk, and testing out a new surfboard at Spring Beach. 

The bustling holiday town of Orford definitely has that feel of everyone knowing everyone, even though the year round population is only about 500.  I think half of Hobart decamps to the place in January! 

Here is a list of Orford accommodation we've enjoyed over the years:

Spring Beach Cottage

Orford Escape Relax (with a kid-friendly  backyard)

The Orford Getaway East

Now, if someone would come along and open up a cool, well equipped surf shop with an easy going, casual and friendly vibe, I'd never have a reason to leave!







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