Yes, You Too Can Learn To Love Frigid Swimming

Yes, You Too Can Learn To Love Frigid Swimming

If you’re planning a trip to explore the stunning remote beaches throughout Tasmania, some advance planning to prepare for cool ocean waters is recommended! Accepting and embracing our sometimes frigid seas is a surefire way to be get the most out of your Tassie adventures.  Here are a few ways you can get wet and still have fun!

Photo by Oliver Sjöström

Don’t Dive In
Contrary to popular opinion, running screaming to the ocean and diving in head first is not the best way to convince your body to cope with cool water.  In fact, it’s one of the worst.  A drastic approach shocks your system unnecessarily and could even be harmful.  Relax....  ease in gradually and let yourself adjust over time.


Wear a Wetsuit

With the exception of a few weeks in late January, any Tasmanian can tell you wetsuits aren’t always optional. If you want to swim or surf in Tassie, wetsuits are a great way to help you withstand the frigid temps of the Tasman Sea.  Remember, there is no landmass between our island state and Antarctica!   “Shorty” wetsuits are a great summer option, and are much easier to peel off when you’re back to your beach towel.


 Blow Bubbles

Its no secret that when humans enter cold water for the first time, our bodies tense up and breathing can be a struggle. That’s because the cold shock causes your lungs to contract. There are ways to prevent this.  Wade into the water waist-deep and dip your face below the surface, then start blowing bubbles. Really! It works; trust us.


two surfers on sea wave

Photo by Jess Vide

Keep Moving
Floating aimlessly in the water is not a very common activity in our waters.  More often you’ll find your fellow beachgoing kids, adults….  and dogs! ensuring their blood is pumping by paddling their legs to and staying in motion. Surfing is a great way to keep moving, or you could toss a cricket ball or footy, too. Another benefit is that staying in motion allows heat to become trapped around your body in the water.


white mug pouring water

Photo by Lisa Fotios

Pour Warm Water into Your Suit
This one sounds a little odd, but some surfers swear by it. Before heading into the water pour a little bit of warm water into your wetsuit. This will provide another protective layer between you and the cold and will allow your body more time to adjust as the water mixes together.

Did we miss any tips?  We're always open to new ideas - be sure to let us know yours!




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